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St Agnes Preschool and School Curriculum

St Agnes Preschool

The Pre-school Curriculum used at our school is from the ‘Early Years Framework’: Belonging, Being, Becoming. This is a national document providing a curriculum for all early year settings. This drives how and what we do when we work with children. A great deal of planning goes into the pre-school programme so that the child has the best experiences possible so they can achieve the 5 learning outcomes:

• Children have a strong sense of identity
• Children are connected with and contribute to their world
• Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
• Children are confident and individual learners
• Children are effective communicators

Pre-school Vision:

“St. Agnes Preschool is a partnership of families, caregivers and educators committed to developing the knowledge, skills dispositions and values necessary to empower children to become independent, optimistic, curious learners and respectful and responsible citizens.” The St Agnes School curriculum is based on the online Reception to Year 10 Australian Curriculum (AC) http://www.australian The curriculum forms the foundation of future learning, growth and active participation in the Australian community. It sets out essential knowledge, understanding, skills and capabilities. and provides a national standard for student achievement in core learning areas.

St Agnes School

Our school’s motto is “Learning today, leading tomorrow”

St Agnes School vision:

“For our students to be successful and confident learners with high levels of numeracy, literacy and wellbeing, through innovative and collaborative teaching.”

St Agnes Schools curriculum is based on the following areas of study:

• English
• Mathematics
• Science
• Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS):
  • History
  • Geography
  • Civics and Citizenship
  • Economics and Business
• The Arts
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Media Arts
  • Music
  • Visual Arts
• Languages
• Health and Physical Education
• Technologies
  • Design and Technologies
  • Digital Technologies
Specialist teachers support the areas of PE, Music and German.

Site Improvement Priorities

At St Agnes we believe that it is important that all staff share the ‘collective responsibility’ for the improvement of learning outcomes for young people. Consequently we are developing a ‘whole school language’ and ‘consistency of approach’ amongst our staff and SSO’s when sharing our pedagogy. Our site Priorities include:


Developing a common understanding of effective pedagogy and strategies to teach mathematics and differentiate for the success of all students (in particular problem solving and reasoning)


Develop a common understanding of approach to teaching Literacy (in particular Reading Comprehension) incorporating the explicit teaching of these skills

“Learning today, leading tomorrow”

As our school motto indicates along with the curriculum, St Agnes School, we believe that learning also incorporates personal development and social and emotional learning through a variety of other curriculum and extra curriculum programmes. These include:

Preschool- Yr. 2 creative play activity

Students from across the preschool (onsite) and junior primary come together each fortnight to engage in creative play activities, promoting closer connections and transition between the two early year’s settings.

Extra Curriculum Activities

• Choir, band, festivals, concerts and ‘incursions’
• School sporting teams, local teams and SAPSASA sport
• Camps and excursions
• PCW (Pastoral Care Worker) lunch time activities and events