St Agnes Primary School

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St Agnes Special Program Areas

Book Cup

Students in Yr 6&7 compete in the Tea Tree Gully Book Cup. Each year a number of books are selected by local Teacher Librarians including a range of genres and covering both male and female main characters. Multiple copies are purchased and all students are encouraged to read the books. Late in Term 2, teams are selected from each school to compete in a Book Cup Quiz where questions are asked about the stories from the books. A perpetual cup is presented to the winning teams. Book Cup provides a competitive outlet for students who love to read as well as encouraging students to read a broad range of genres.

Resource Centre

The St Agnes School Resource Centre is well resourced with up-to-date fiction and non-fiction texts and provides a borrowing service for students, teachers and members of the school community. Students can browse and borrow with their class as well as at lunchtime where they are assisted by the Library Monitors. As the Resource Centre is also equipped with a SMART Board, teachers can readily link digital and print based resources when working on a topic.

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Each year students from St Agnes School participate in the Premier’s reading Challenge. Students read at least 12 books before September and are encouraged to continue reading with a PRC Superstars list as well. The student receives a certificate or medal each year the Challenge is achieved. A special assembly is held in November to celebrate the achievement of all who have mastered the challenge and to present the awards. The Premier’s Reading Challenge provides a great opportunity to encourage reading and persistence at a task.